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Solar Passive Design

Solar Passive Designed Modular Homes

The price of gas and electric are at an all time historical high!  There is an ever growing concern with energy efficient homes that do not contribute to green house gas emissions.  Custom Modular Designs can help.  A simple way and affordable way to increase the energy efficiency of your new modular home is through Solar Passive Home Design (SPHD).

A Solar Passive Designed Modular Home will greatly reduce or completely eliminate the need and expense of mechanical heating and cooling bills and will reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. 

SPHD modular homes are designed to maximize air movement in the summer keeping it cool, while trapping heat from the sun in the winter.  Solar Passive Home Design is a multi-faceted solar design process.  Some of these facets include your local climate, the orientation of the modular home on the building lot and the shape, size, style and design of your modular home.  

The first step would be to look at your site orientation, determine where the most shade is located and the best area for sunlight.  A good way to do this is to go out and observe the site at different times of the day.  (If this is a site that you are tearing down your existing home on, you may already know the orientation of the site).  Once you know this then you will want to determine where the home should be located on the site.  The goal is to have more sunlight coming in during the winter months in order to trap heat, while limiting the sunlight during the summer months.  

Along with determining where on the site the home should be located the customer also needs to look at the design of the modular home.  Rooms that you want more sunlight in should be located in sunny locations, while the rooms you would want to keep cooler can be located near shaded areas.  The decision of where windows are located is also a key part of the design process.  For the New England area it is wise to have windows on the south facing side of the home in order to get the most heat from the sun in the winter.  For the summer months adding elements such as overhangs to a heavily windowed area can help cut down on the heat from the sun.  

These are just some of the examples of how to make a home Solar Passive Designed. To find out more about our modular homes that can be developed with Solar Passive Home Design, please contact our office at 401.490.0944.  We can discuss in more detail how to make your modular home designed so that you can cut down on your heat and electrical bills, without having to make drastic changes.